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Disaster Risk Management

Project Overview

ICT based interactive platform for rescue and response, aid distribution and support services during and after disaster.

Project Details

Disaster Risk Management Platform aims at establishing a centrally controlled system where every component of the disaster management process, starting from automatic weather updates, subsequent risk preventive and precautionary measures, to sending early warnings to the risk prone masses, individuals and also to disseminating and coordinating with various victims, volunteer, responsible Government and Non- Government organizations, shelters, fire and medical services comes under one hood. The system consists of 4 different stakeholders:

  • End Users and Service Receiver (victims) (Mobile App, Web Application)

  • District Relief and Rehabilitation Office (Web panel)

  • Crisis Response Team (Mobile App, Web panel)

  • Central Disaster Management Committee (Web panel)

Client Details

Practical Action Bangladesh and Disaster and Ministry of Disaster Management will work initially in close collaboration with DRR ministry(MODRM), Department of Disaster Management(DDM) and Bangladesh Meteorology Department(BMD).

Practical Action, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Date: May 2019

Link: Soon to be updated

Role: UX Lead